Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week One With The Youngsters

Hey ya'll!

So, one week down.

YSA work is so weird! Like, we have stewardship of all of Spokane, which is a big difference from being in tiny Moran Prairie. It's good though. The ward members that I've met so far have been AWESOME, and there is a LOT of work to do. I love it though!

Under the freeway- "SKETCH!"
(Anyone know what this means? I need a missionary translator...)

The week started off crazy. P-day, we went under the freeway for an adventure... Super sketch...
On Tuesday, we dropped Elder G- off in Spokane Valley, which was SUPER SAD! I love that guy.

Saying goodbye to Elder G.

Right after that, we rushed to the temple to make it to M-'s endowment session with the M--s.
It was amazing! So flipping happy for her! (She has been called on a mission to Japan!)

M- and us at the Temple

Guys, the temple truly is the most amazing place on the planet. Even our tiny Spokane temple. ;)

After that, it was appointments, lessons, service and just flat out missionary life.

I love it!

At work.

At night.

Not a whole lot else to report... I have a bunch of pictures for ya'll though! :D (The photos in this post.)

This work is amazing! I love every second of it, and I thank God for the opportunity to be here.
God is good! And so is working for him.

Love ya'll!

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