Monday, May 4, 2015

Short, but Skype

Me on the road. :)

Hey everybody!

Sorry that it's gonna be short this week, but I wanted to at least tell you the basics. We've been working our butts off here! It's been super stressful, but we have two investigators on date to get baptized, and we're super excited!

Our investigators at a ward dinner. :D

Everything has been improving, and I've really been learning a lot recently about the Atonement,
hard work, and how much God can help us in a time of need.

Patience, determination and charity have been the name of the game recently, and it's been SO good for me!

Missions really are the best place to learn, grow, and develop into the people we need to be.

So, on another note, I get to Skype home on Sunday! :D I'm super excited to see everybody! It's been a while.

Well, I sure do love you all!

Love ya bye love you bye!