Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey ya'll!

I'm totally out of time, but I thought I'd write what little I can.

I'm alive for sure, working my butt off as usual, and things are good here. :) We are getting along great, our areas are as ghetto as ever, and we're having a blast while doing it!

We are putting special focus on working with members this week, and we are planning on working our butts off.

love you all!

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  1. Hi Rachel! :D Your son has been SUCH a GREAT friend to my kids, and was an amazing support to Mindy as she prepared to go on her mission (he brought her a booklet on transitioning into mission life and gave her advice and all kinds of help - very cool). And as you know he was a great help to the entire family as we prepared to make our home ready for me to care for my mother her past few months. He was a great example of the gospel in action; you would have been proud to have seen it. :) Just want to let you know that! Corine :D
    PS. I finally finished making a blog for my missionary! :D