Monday, May 12, 2014

S-- Gets Dunked!!!

#1: S--- is prepped for the swim of his life! 
(We're in normal clothes because we all just got done with the Church cleanup.)

This last week has been crazy!

We had A LOT of lessons, and we made a lot of progress!

St. Maries is one of those areas, where you will always gain success equal to the amount of work you do, and we are working HARD.

The highlight of this week was our latest baptism/confirmation, S---! 

He has been waiting since the day I got here to be baptized, and now, at last, he has been baptized, received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and the Aaronic Priesthood.

The L--- family after S---'s baptism!!! :D

He is so thrilled, and so is the entire ward! In January, our average church attendance out of our 250 members was about 60. Now, we have an average of 75, and it's increasing! We are working hard, and it's really paying off.

Brother B--- cookin' up some grub for the ward BBQ, immediately following S---'s baptism. 

Also worth noting, me and Elder H--- performed a musical number in church this Sunday. I sang, and Elder H-- played piano. We performed "O My Father", and it went VERY WELL! The problem is, everyone wants us to perform musical numbers every Sunday now. :(

To finish, WE GOT TO SKYPE HOME!!!

It was awesome to see everyone, although, its really weird to see how grown up everyone is. SO much has happened since I've been gone, but I know we'll have all eternity to catch up!

In the meantime, it's out to the field to harvest.

We are only asked to work our hardest, do our best, and let the Spirit do the rest!
Love and miss you all, 
Elder Keppner.

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