Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Baptism #5 is on the way! :D

Chillin' with Elder F--- on Exchanges. 

Hey Ya'll!

This last week, things have continued to press forward! And although things have started to get really rainy again, St. Maries is as beautiful and amazing as ever!

So, big announcement: S--- can finally get baptized! :D

He has been waiting for months, and now, he has gotten the green light to go ahead and get baptized! So, on May 10th, he will be entering the waters of baptism, and becoming an official member of Christ's Church!
S--- has been the most active non-member in the history of ever, and he has wanted so badly to be baptized since the first time me and Elder M--- taught him back in early January. He and his wife were some of the first people I met here in St. Maries, and they have flipped their lives around, and truly become converted to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are so excited for him, and we can't wait to see him and his wife M--- be sealed in the Temple, on May 10th, 2015.

My white chocolate cross I was given by a Christian well wisher (to hell)...

Stories from St. Maries:

So, cool story #1


C---, our recent convert, is an AMAZING guy, and he invited us up to his place for P-Day last week. Little did we know, that not only is he a blacksmith, he is also a SWORD SMITH. So guess what we've been doing for the last couple of P-Days? You guessed it: We're making swords! Not decorative swords, oh no. C--- said: "I want you to be able to use these swords in battle. When you run out of ammo, a man needs a good weapon."

I almost cried.

Cool Story #2-

Also, we're now teaching a 15 year old girl. Her name is C---, and she is pretty darn awesome! Her mom has been inactive for years, but her mom is starting to come back to Church, and C--- is interested in learning more. We've given her, her very own copy of the Book of Mormon, and we wrote our testimonies inside the cover page. :) Hopefully, she too will soon want to join this amazing Kingdom of God! :D

What's left of my white chocolate cross...

Cool Story #3-

Brother H---, a 74 year old member, somewhat less active, and a widower we've been teaching a lot recently hit rock bottom, and had started to lean back on his old addictions.

He had bought a can of coffee and two packs of Cigarettes, and had been drinking coffee and smoking all week. We came to teach him, and talked to him about overcoming addictions, and being worthy to enter the temple. I told him of my experiences, and told him, that to overcome addiction, you have to start NOW. 

Don't wait for the perfect day, don't wait for things to line up perfectly and things to magically get easier, do it NOW.

He was silent for a minute, and then looked me in the eye. He then told me: "I know what you've told me is true. I'll start now."

Brother H--- is a gentle and loving man, and being as old as he is, he usually moves quite slowly. But with a fire in his eye, he quickly rose to his feet, nearly leaping out of his recliner, and hobbled quickly to his kitchen calling out to us as he went: "Follow me Brethren!"

He went into the kitchen, and pulled out his boxes of cigarettes. He opened the boxes, turned on the kitchen sink, and rand them under the water. He then crushed the boxes in his hand. Then, bending down, he opened the cupboard under the sink, and pulled out his brand new can of coffee powder. He then quickly hobbled out his front door, telling us missionaries to follow. He went out in his back yard, opened the can, and flung the coffee out into the wind. He then came back in the house, but the crushed cigarette boxes into the can, sealed the can, and shoved the can into the bottom of the trashcan. Then, taking a deep breath he asked us: "Before you brethren left, could you leave me with a blessing?"

We said yes, and he then pulled an uncomfortable looking wooden chair out from under the table. Before he sat, Elder H--- asked if Brother H--- would rather sit on a more comfortable chair.

Sitting down, Brother H--- told him: "I am not in need of that kind of comfort right now."

He then turned to me, looked me in the eye, and said: "Brother Keppner, I would like you to give the blessing."

Brother H--- was the first person from St. Maries I met when I first came out here, and he is truly an inspiration. I love that old timer, and I can't wait to see him in the Temple, which is his goal right now. He wants to be worthy to enter the Temple again, and know that he and his wife will be together in the next life.

Thank you for everything you for everything you've done for me! I really do miss all of you, but I know, I will get to see you all again when I return home. In the meantime, I'm hitting the streets, and sharing this amazing Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this incredible plan of happiness to everyone I meet!

I love you all,
-Elder Keppner

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