Monday, March 23, 2015

Working hard, and living the ghetto dream.

Hey everybody!

Things have been great this week! We've been riding the bus all around the glorious land of downtown Spokane. Fun times, fun times.

We have TONS of people to see, and they all need a TON of help. Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom are the two main things we teach to these days, but it's all good. We've gotten good at teaching both, so we're okay there.

I think that might be the wrong way...

Ah! What the heck can you say about a mission? It's like, the coolest, hardest, funnest, most frustrating, most rewarding thing ever. There is so much stuff I've learned out here, that is REALLY going to help my future.

I've been doing some deep personal studies in the mornings, and I've been finding again and again: This Church is fetching true folks. And with every day that passes, I've come to a greater knowledge of that fact. Every question has an answer, as long as you are willing to put forth the effort, and swallow your pride, you will get the answers to your questions.

I've also been working out in the mornings before studies, and, you'd never guess, it's working. It's actually kinda scaring me. I was 145 pounds and SKINNY in the MTC, and now, I'm fit, and 170 pounds... It's weird.

I love it!

Elder E--!

Now, as for my companion: He is a boss! He is also from Arizona, and he is a convert to the Church. It's been great to talk to him about stuff, and he's been great to work with. He's also brand new to the mission, so it's fun to be able to help him understand stuff as we go along.

You know guys, I really do wish I could find more to talk about, but then I run out of time!

Oh well.

I love you guys anyway, and I want you to know that God is awesome! He has helped (and is currently helping me) in so many ways here in the mission. It's crazy!

If you lack a personal relationship with the man upstairs, get one!

Our Heavenly Dad is ready and willing to help, guide, and cheer you up! Just turn to him. :)

Love you!

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