Monday, June 9, 2014

Is Priest River ready for this?!?

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Man, last week was SO SLOW. We had two all day meetings, two exchanges, and an insane amount of little side projects. But, in spite of all that, we were trained on a new way to plan our week, and it ROCKS! We were able to plan out this next week in such a way that EVERY SECOND is planned out, but at the same time, it is flexible to any changes we need to make.

You know, I've never been organized in ANY WAY, but here on my mission, I've learned to organize my life a LOT, and actually, my board game making tenancies actually have helped a lot! (Weird as that may sound. ;) )

Oh! And we got to meet with some old family friends in Newport, the M---! I didn't realize how much I've missed them until I got to see them! They were VERY receptive, in spite of the fact that the father is a pastor for another Church. Now, they're probably a lot more receptive because they are family friends, but they were willing to read the Book of Mormon, so, here's hoping! :D

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This is Ferdinand. (He is a turtle.)

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I was hungry.
My mission has been the best thing I've EVER done in my life! Being able to come here and serve the God who has helped me through so much, has meant everything to me. And every day, I get to help other people find that same help, strength and hope that I've been given. I love these people, and I'm trying to show them that in the best way I can: to help them find true happiness.

I'm serving with an AWESOME companion, and we are playing hard, and working even harder! Actually, the harder we work, the more fun we seem to have! The weather is warming up a bit, and we're heading into the 80's now. :)

Ah! In case you can't tell, I'm pretty much in love with my mission... :D

I love you all! And I hope you have a great week! :D

-Elder Keppner

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