Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My latter days in St. Maries?

Snowy St. Maries

Hey everyone!

First, I just wanted to say how AMAZING being on a mission is. This is the best thing I've EVER done in my life, and I'm happier than I've ever been out here, serving the Lord.

This Sunday, we find out if either me or Elder M--- is getting transferred. I hope it's not a sin to pray that I get to stay here in St. Maires, because I kinda already did... ;P

Anyway, I've really fallen in love with St. Maries, and all of the people in it. It's a quiet, beautiful town, and the people are kind, understanding, and truly searching for God.

Elder M--- in the snow
This last Sunday was Stake Conference, and we missionaries had seven investigators there with us. Our newest investigator, R---, is a young mother who lives with her boyfriend. She actually came and found US because she had some questions for us. Her first question, which was totally sincere, was:
"So, I don't want to go to Hell. How do I not go to Hell?"
So, we taught her and her boyfriend about the plan of Salvation. She believed every word we said, and told us that every church she had been to, had told her that she was going to hell because she hadn't been baptized into their church. She had a bunch of questions, and we were able to answer all of them through the Spirit. She has been coming to Church ever since, and she is working towards getting baptized! Whooo! 

A Wedding for S--- and M---!

Last night, we had a wedding for S--- and M---, two of our investigators who are working towards getting baptized, got married in the Church building. As soon as they heard about the law of Chastity, they said they wanted to get married, and now that they are, it won't be long until they're baptized as well. :D

AND tonight, S--- and A---, two of our OTHER investigators, are getting married, and then baptized, all on the same night! We're filling up the font now, and all of the decorations are up! They're so excited, and they are so ready.

The Brides!

Me and Elder M---'s goal here in St. Maries has been to ensure that those we baptize are truly converted, and that they wont leave the Church later on down the road. You see, there are two hundred and fifty members in St. Maries, but only about sixty are active (ten of those are because of me and Elder M---!!! :D).

It's the worst feeling I've ever felt, as I see all of these wonderful people, who partook of the fruit of the tree, and then cast their eyes about, listened to the mocking of those in the great and spacious building. If I could do one thing on my mission, it would be to help everyone here be fully converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and help them see the importance of Enduring to the End.

I love these people, and it hurts when they lose sight of what is truly important.

Anyway, before I "Sign Off" I wanted to testify of the power of the priesthood. It is truly the power of God. I've used it to give blessings of healing, which saved a life. I've used it to cast out devils. I've seen and been a part of the miracles that can happen when we truly seek to do God's will. I'm so grateful for God's trust in me, and I'm so honored to be able to help my brothers and sisters through this incredible power. It reminds me every day that I must be worthy, and prepared to do as the Lord directs through his Holy Spirit.

The priesthood is truly God's power, given to man to do his well, and I thank God every day for this opportunity to do miracles in His name.

I love and miss you all. ;) 

-Elder Keppner

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