Monday, February 3, 2014

Now things are getting a bit crazy...

Elder Keppner in a Winter Wonderland

Hey everybody! How are you all doing?

I was so happy to get letters from Susanne, Daniel and Valarie this last week, and I'm writing back today. I LOVE letters, so, if you send me any, I'll write you back as soon as I can.

So, here in St. Maries, we now have TWO baptisms coming up, and now, TWO WEDDINGS! You see, in St. Maries, a lot of people have trouble with Word of Wisdom (Smoking, mostly), and/or Law of Chastity. So, once they learn the gospel and accept it, they have to quit smoking and/or quit breaking the law of chastity. SO, this means, that we ended up with two weddings and two baptisms!

Yeah... they call us the "hitching" Elders around here. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, planning two weddings at a time as a missionary, SUCKS. We have so many calls to make, so many things to oversee, dresses, rings, decorations, food, punch bowls, lists of things they are allergic to, cakes, pictures, and guests... AHHHH!!!

It's all good though, and I love and miss you all! Sorry the Email is short, but I have to go get four new tires for our car. (We popped one, and all of them are balding. :-p )

Love you!

-Elder Keppner
Beautiful Narnia-- er, St. Maries
PS: I'm serving in Narnia! I don't know who put it down, but tell them that I'm serving in flipping Narnia! :-D

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