Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference and Headcolds

Spring in Washington!

Hey everybody!

This week was ALL OVER THE PLACE. The week started normal enough, but then... I got a cold from Elder E--. Since then, it's been an interesting trip.

The weather was beautiful though! It has warmed up quite a bit, all the leaves are coming in, the animals are up and about, and the flowers are in bloom.

We taught a lot earlier in the week, and then when Thursday rolled around, it got slower. Thursday is weekly planning which needs to take up hours of our day, Friday was a Zone meeting which also ate up a bunch of our hours, and Saturday and Sunday were General Conference days.

Dat Conference, though! For anyone who missed it, you gotta go back and watch all of the sessions! I loved all of the talks, and it really felt like each one spoke to me personally.

Oh, and Elder E-- is a convert, so this was the first time he's seen all of the sessions of General Conference. At the suggestion of President Mullen, he went with a question he wanted answered about marriage, and holy moly did he get an answer. Almost every talk hit on his question, and he and I laughed every time it came up.

"I'm never going to come with a question again." He told me afterwards.

Saturday was super fun though! We met up at a members house, and watched the Conference, had breakfast, lunch, and played some games between sessions. It was super fun! :D

But, we got sick which made everything a LOT harder. I had a moment after conference was done that I really just wanted to stay in and do nothing because of how crappy I felt. I sat there for a minute debating which, I would do. But then, a nagging little something reminded me: "You don't have a lot of time bro."

I grabbed my stuff and hit the streets. It was crappy, but I didn't regret a second of it.

And then, we woke up this morning to help a pastor move, aaaaaand, it was snowing.

Spring in Washington?
God is so good guys. He always helps us in the way we need it most. We have some investigators with unique needs right now that are severe, and it has been weighing on me heavily recently. I don't have the right to give details, but it's been HUGE stuff that has eternal consequences. The crazy part is that everyone turns to us missionaries, and expects us to know the solution.

"You're the Elders! What should I do?" is a common phrase, and it's terrifying. What always ends up happening, is me and my companion pray, squirm a bit, and then tell them to the best of our ability what will help them. And the crazy part: if we really answer through the Spirit, it always works.

Guys, I can't stress enough that we're dumb 20 year old kids. But neither can I truthfully say anything less, than that God works through us to do what no mortal could ever hope to achieve; no matter how strong or wise they may be.

This Church is true guys. And this mission is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Love you all!

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