Monday, February 2, 2015

Lots of Craziness!

E.K. serving in the world renown city of Hayden Idaho!

Hey everyone!

Nothing too crazy this week. Me and Elder S-- have made it a goal to teach ten lessons a day, and it's been going great so far! We've really been having a blast, and the work has been exploding! The Super Bowl has made a bunch of folks up here grouchy though, so, that's made things interesting with people driving by and shouting profanities at us missionaries every day. It's all good though! The Lord is awesome, and he helps us out.

 Goodbye to Teancum and Friends. The band has finally broken up. We finished our album though! :D

I'm out of time, but I thought I'd include a bit of a Q&A things that my mom asked me this week. If anyone else has questions they want answered in my next email, just send me the questions via email, and I'll answer them. :)

Love you all!


#1- Where is Elder S-- from?
 Elder S-- is from Palmer Alaska. He's been there pretty much his entire life, and he can take the cold like a boss.

#2- How often do you eat out with other missionaries?
 I eat out with other missionaries usually 1-2 times a week, although later in the month that dies down due to funds getting short. I'm trying to figure out how to get the social and District unity aspects, and yet not get unhealthy, so, it's a weird balance. Working on it!

#3- Do you cook some of your own meals? What do you cook?
I cook pretty much all of my own meals. I'm on what is now known as the Cheap n' Healthy Mission Diet. I make a banana and honey smoothie every morning as my breakfast. For lunch, I will either make eggs in one form or another or a ham sandwich. Dinner is usually with members, and if not, I eat leftovers. When I first came out, I wasn't the best with eating right, but I didn't have as much energy as I wanted, so I experimented until I have the diet I do today. :)

#4- What are your duties as a District Leader?
As District Leader, my duties are to take nightly accountings from all of the missionaries in my District, take all of their weekly numbers Sunday Night, give District Trainings once a week, accept or deny requests from the missionaries in my District to go to other missionaries areas within my District, and go on Exchanges for twenty four hours at a time to help the missionaries in my District with aspects of the work they may be struggling with, or see what things they are doing well.

#5- Are you teaching someone in this area? What are your investigators' names?
Yes, me and Elder S-- are teaching a lot of somebodies. We currently have seven investigators, and we are working consistently with all of them. We also work with Less Active members pretty heavily, and we try to help them get back to church and live the commandments. Our investigators names are B--, R--, A--, M--, C--, H--, and G--.

#6- What does your typical day look like?
Well, to lay out a typical day would take a day to write, so I'm going to refer you to the White Handbook daily schedule. That's what our day looks like, and we follow it religiously. (lol, get it, religiously? lol Yeah...)

#7-  Has anyone ever been mean to you as missionaries? How do you respond when someone is not nice to you?
Yes. I've had everything from guns, swearing, dogs, chainsaws and drive by fruit throwing. Recently we've been getting a lot of people yelling at us as they drive by. So, in response, I've started shouting back at the top of my lounges "Jesus loves you too!". It gets all my energy and anger out, and I'm still fulfilling my purpose. As far as things like anti, my new strategy is to laugh, and say "Man, thanks for your time, but we got things to do. Have a good one kay?" It's not worth talking to people who come up to you to anti them. They are there for a fight, so you just don't play there game. Enders Game style.

#8- What is the weirdest experience you have had in the missionfield?
The weirdest thing... Probably being made District Leader to be honest.

But for more interesting stories, I'd have to say that the weirdest thing was getting asked to Homecoming by some girls in Chewelah. Me and Elder F-- were in the parking lot next to the High School eating our dinner, when a couple of girls parked next to us. It was a nice night, and we had our windows down, so they rolled their windows down and called out to us, asking if we had dates to Homecoming (which was apparently that night). We laughed and said no. They mentioned that they didn't have dates either, so it was perfect. We then told them that we were missionaries, and before we said much more, they looked sheepish and drove off. So, yeah. Weird, and kinda sad. It's the tag man. Don't know what it is about it. ;P

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