Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I lose a friend, and gain a new one...

Elder M---'s "Goodbye face"
Hey ya'll!

Things have been CRAZY this week!

It started with me and Elder M--- setting some lofty goals, and we were doing a good job of reaching them, when suddenly, on Tuesday at 8:30pm me and Elder M--- got a call. We were sitting in our car with our recent convert S---. We had just got back into town, and into cell phone service. We saw that we had two voicemails. As we listened to the first one, we kinda sat there in disbelief.

Elder M--- packing, and telling the families in the ward that he's leaving.
"Elder M---, this is the Assistants to the President. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, you are being transferred to Spokane Valley, and you will be serving with Elder F--- (my MTC companion). You will leave tomorrow morning at 11:00am at the Stake Center (an hour and a half away from St. Maries)."

We sat there for a minute stunned. Transfers had just happened LAST WEEK, and we had made plans for the new transfer together. We then listened to it again, and then listened to the second one.

"Hey Elder Keppner, this is Elder H---. I've been assigned to serve with you in St. Maries, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you, and our new area."

Elder H--- ! :D
It turns out, that emergency transfers erupted all over the mission, and only two zones weren't effected. So, we dropped S--- off at home, packed Elder M---'s bags, and headed out the next morning. He left on the Transfer Bus, and my new companion Elder H--- got off. It was so fast and crazy, I was in shock for a couple of days. I didn't know the area that well, and suddenly, I had to try and tell Elder H--- where everyone and everything was, and how to get there. But, Elder H--- has been really kind and patient, and we've already figured things out. Elder H--- is an awesome Elder from Orem Utah, and he actually is good friends with Elder H---! (My MTC companion!) He's quiet, and he is really rooted in the Gospel. I'm so excited to work with him!

We also have a new investigator! Her name is R---, she's eighteen, and on Saturday we invited her to Church. She said that she might come, and so we didn't think she'd show up. But low and behold, she came to Church the next day! She enjoyed Church, and after that we had a Church Tour with her. Afterwards, we taught the Restoration, and she said that she was interested in being baptized into the Church. We are being a bit cautious (we don't want her to get converted to US, so we're trying to make sure that she really is joining for the right reasons), but a lot of the Ward Members know who she is, and so she is getting a lot of support from our awesome ward.

S--- and M--- have stopped smoking, and drinking coffee this last week completely, and now M--- is working towards baptism! We are so excited for them!

Here in St. Maries, it went from 12-22 degrees to 50-59 degrees, and it's raining like crazy! St. Maries is starting to flood, and the rain isn't supposed to stop for another couple of weeks! So, things are getting pretty exciting around here, as we watch the river and lake start to overflow... :/

Anyway, I love and miss you all, and I'm so happy to be here on my mission!

-Elder Keppner

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