Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So this week we ha- CHRISTMAS!!! :D

Holy heck, Christmas is coming! Caroling, parties, gifts, Christmas lessons, I love it all!

*Pant* *Pant*


This week was AWESOME! My companion and I worked our BUTTS off, and we've really started to see the results! We've all been having a blast with six of us living in one apartment, but now the Dalten Gardens Elders have to go back to their old house. :( Oh well, it was super fun while it lasted.

Elder S likes it! 

Speaking of fun, we had an interesting experience with our phone this week. You see, the phone I had when I first got here had been broken for quite a while, and the mission office finally decided to send us a new phone. Problem is... Well, look at the picture if you have any questions. My new companion Elder S-- likes it a lot though.

Oh well, life goes on, even if it is with a phone pinker than even my moms phone... ;)

Elder Keppner's hand holding his new PINK phone

Life has been great here! Thanksgiving week was slow because if people are even home, they are in the middle of a family reunion, and don't want to talk to a couple of kids off the street about Jesus. Thanksgiving dinner was good though. We had a quiet short dinner at a members home, and then went back out. So, really, it was about the same as every other day.

But now, CHRISTMAS is coming! Christmas is a missionaries dream! Everyone wants to talk about Jesus! We have plans to go caroling every night in different parts of our area, and share short Christmas messages with them.

Well, not a lot left to report, but I wanted all of you to know that I love and miss ya, and I hope to hear from you soon!

-Elder Brennan Keppner

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