Monday, September 29, 2014

Super Awesome Great Majestic Amazing Grand FLIPPING SWEET WEEK!

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"Hey! Can we give you a card from our church?!?"

So, this week ROCKED!

First off, Elder F-- is a BOSS! We get along SUPER well, and we work fetching HARD. Our district set a goal to talk to 65 new people a week, and to everyone that's not a missionary, 65 new people every week, in a town with a population of 350, is CRAZY! But we're already seeing blessings from it! Last week, we talked to 13 new people. This week, we talked to 35 new people. Not exactly 65, but we worked our hardest, and man did it make a difference! We have a TON of new investigators, and all of them we found because of our relentless efforts to help people come closer to Christ. These people have real questions about God, our purpose here on Earth, and how they can be happy. It's great to be able to really help them!

Also of note, I have a reputation around the mission now as the Bible Thumbing Missionary. The problem a lot of missionaries face, is that they ONLY read the Book of Mormon. And they should read from it, EVERY DAY, but to only read the Book of Mormon really seems to deprive a lot of missionaries of the meat and potatoes of Christ's life and ministry. Not to mention, it makes it nearly impossible for them to connect with those of other faiths.

Now even if they DO read from the Bible, literally NO ONE I've met has ever read the Old Testament, which, while reading it again, I've found is full of prophecies of Christ, the Latter Days, and many MANY stories that help us understand who God is, and how we can be more like him.

Anyway, I guess you could say that I'm becoming a regular ol' Bible thumper. :P

Oh well. I'm getting off topic.

Mission life is great! I'm happy to be here, my companion is AWESOME, may area is GREAT, and the mission goes on! :D

I love you all!
-Elder Brennan Keppner

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